The year 2007 marked 20 years of IVF at The Farah Hospital.

During this period, The Farah Hospital A.R.T unit gained tremendous wealth of experience that enabled it to be a referral centre for trainees as well as patients. Indeed The Farah Hospital has been involved in helping several individuals and institutions inaugurating their own specialized centres, both at national and regional levels.

Courses and workshops are available throughout the year. Such courses are aimed mostly at biologists, embryologists and clinicians. A typical course covers all aspects of assisted reproduction technologies offered at The Farah Hospital.
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Latest Workshops

The Farah Hospital has been involved in assisted reproduction for almost 25 years. Under the guidance of Dr. Zaid Kilani, the Assisted Reproductive Unit (ART) at the Farah Hospital has managed to transform its role to becoming more research oriented.


Indeed the Farah Hospital is on the forefront of many leading clinical trials with respectable centres and pharmaceutical companies around the world. This indeed has helped raise the success rates by offering repeated failure cases with unique and alternative approach based on evidence based medicine.


It is the duty and moral role of the ART unit at the Farah Hospital to help spread the know-how and experience that the unit has gained over the past many years to fellow scientists, geneticists, embryologists and clinicians from Jordan and beyond. The unit always strives to have workshops, seminars, and academic activities. For more information on future academic activities and how to enroll, please contact our research and academic department (


The Farah Hospital also hosts every two years an international congress in collaboration with the Jordnian Society for Fertility and Genetics (

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