When should a couple contact the centre to start this program?

The first day the wife notices bleeding- whether it is day or night, small or large in quantity, light or dark in color- is considered the first day of her period. Accordingly, please call the hospital so as to arrange an appointment the next day (2nd day of cycle) for evaluation of wife and husband. Accordingly, the appropriate treatment protocol is given. Can this process be repeated many times?

Yes, this process can be repeated frequently if the couple are not successful. As Dr. Zaid Kilani stressed in the introduction, patience and persistence and proper scientific methods result in success in addition to a professional and experienced team utilizing modern devices. The Farah Hospital is proud of achieving our track record of results and is confident a success rate of over 90% amongst perseverant couples. While most cases succeed in reaching their goals after a few attempts or even from the first attempt, there are a few unfortunate cases that succeed after many attempts and became guiding models. For instance, a patient traveled across the world in search for her successful breakthrough and was fortunate to find it at The Farah Hospital after her sixteenth attempt! Can this process be repeated immediately the next month?

It is possible but it is preferred to give the wife a one month resting period.