Trial Expenses

It is well known that medicine is a humanitarian profession, and should avoid the ugly materialistic and opportunistic aspects. The Farah Hospital is keen and aware of its humanitarian and scientific reputation, and aims at reducing expenses so it won't exceed its patients' capabilities. On the contrary, the hospital helps its patients within its capacities. When The Farah Hospital controlled its rate card, it took into consideration the local citizen's financial status, as well as patients from abroad, who pay extra expenses for travel, accommodation etc... This has prompted The Farah Hospital to charge less than the determined rates according to the Ministry of Health and Physicians Union. The hospital's adopted policy is not to take advantage or distinguish between our patients, so we prohibit advantage of immigrants, or wealthy patients, or those seeking help from abroad.

Excellent quality medicine is an expensive practice. The patient should not hesitate in paying all his medication's expenses, as this ultimately benefits him/her, and since financial income is being invested back into the institution in order to provide and uplift levels of service in addition to updating its equipment. The Farah Hospital's moral code of ethics would never sacrifice our scientific standards in exchange to what might seem to be a "discount". We are keen to maintain our quality, and will never tolerate any decline in scientific and medical standards in exchange for reducing fees.

In conclusion, we would like to confirm the huge financial obligations that The Farah Hospital is shouldering on its own as opposed to other European or American centres which accept support and grants. Consequently, The Farah Hospital seeks to maintain its financial income to continue participating in scientific researches, scientific progress, and to serve people.