Summary Of Steps Involoved In IVF

  • The couple attend the clinic the second day of wife's cycle. During this visit, evaluation takes place of both husband and wife and includes: Ultrasound scan for wife to assess ovaries and uterus. Blood tests for wife to assess hormonal profile in addition to thyroid status, hepatitis screening… and the husband is asked to give semen sample to assess sperm reserve in addition to a routine blood test.
  • According to the information gathered, a treatment plan is selected. Not every couple get the same treatment plan since every case is unique and requires a different approach. A plan for example might suit a couple very well while on the other hand be detrimental for another.
  • The wife starts taking hormonal injections the dose and quantity of which are decided by the supervising team. The wife also undergoes routine ultrasound scans and blood draws to assess egg maturity and to assess inner lining of uterus (where embryo(s) implant).
  • When the follicles reach 16mm in diameter, HCG muscular injection is given the aim of which is to enhance final egg maturation.
  • 34-36 hours later, the wife is scheduled to have her eggs collected.
  • Once collected, the eggs are nurtured in a special medium until they are injected/placed with husband's sperm.
  • The eggs are then monitored in the lab hoping for embryos to develop.
  • Depending on the case, the best possible embryo(s) is/are transferred back to the uterus- usually 2-3 days after egg collection. As mentioned earlier, the number of transferred embryos depends on several factors mentioned earlier.
  • Two weeks after embryo transfer, the wife performs a pregnancy blood test.