Sperm Freezing

The Assisted Reproductive team at The Farah Hospital takes pride in being the first to introduce the Sperm Freezing Program in Jordan. This idea became a reality for

various important reasons:

First: Some young men are subject to testiclular diseases that require chemical treatment and/or radiation treatment which may result in dryness of testicle tissues and their seizing to function. In some cases orchidectomy (removal of testicles) may be required and in such cases sperms can be collected and stored prior to such procedures or treatments in order to later use if the couple wish to conceive.

Second: Some husbands cannot remain with their wives for extended periods of time due to hard work conditions and they may need to travel abroad. In such cases sperm are stored and used when needed.

Third: Some husbands are unable to give the sample when needed to fertilize the egg. In these cases, sperm can be collected and stored beforehand to be used if the husband is unable to provide new samples when needed.

Fourth: If there is an occlusion in the spermatic cord which prevents sperm from flowing outside and causes retention in the epididymis. In this case we resort to obtaining sufficient sperm liquid using a syringe, where the required amount is used and the extra amount is frozen to be used when needed for another pregnancy. This freezing process helps save the husband a lot of hassle as he may need other operations, in addition to saving on financial costs.