Research Activities

The Farah Hospital has been involved with IVF for twenty years. During these years, the centre has gained an international reputation for having a large patient population and dealing with tough repeated failures. This has attracted leading international drug companies in the field of infertility treatment along with some select international universities, for consultations regarding new drugs, which are expected to be future medication choices.

The Farah Hospital enjoys a scientific and moral confidence, as well as vast capabilities; such as its wealth of experience, diligent accuracy, and modern equipment. Thus, several leading companies in producing new drugs provide free medication to some The Farah Hospital's patients, who have specific qualities, on condition that the hospital is to provide these companies with results, which sometimes are demonstrated before the American Food & Drug Administration (F.D.A), or published in scientific proving the medication's success. The Farah Hospital seeks the Jordanian Ministry of Health's approval before performing these researches, as well as the approval of the Professional Morals Committee to ensure the patient's benefit.