The art and science of obstetrics have witnessed tremendous breakthroughs in the last few decades. Over the years the philosophy of The Farah hospital has been to introduce the latest technologies and expertise in the hope that it would lead to a healthy pregnancy culminating in a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

Expectant mothers at The Farah Hospital are classified broadly into two groups: low risk and high risk. Several factors come into play when classifying them including: mother's age, pregnancy with twins, triplets, history of recurrent pregnancy losses, gestational diabetes, and hypertension to mention a few.

According to the information gathered and according to which group the mother falls under, each pregnant lady at The Farah Hospital gets a tailor made ante-natal plan to help her sail through her pregnancy with maximum enjoyment and minimal stress and discomfort. After all, pregnancy is not a disease but rather a normal physiological process.

It is routine at The Farah Hospital towards the end stages of pregnancy to discuss a birth plan with the couple. Literally anything on the couples mind can be discussed and every effort will be made to accomodcate such wishes and requests so long they lie within reason. In addition it is also recommended that the couple familiarize themselves with the labour ward by visiting the department and meeting with the midwifes and anaesthestists.