Neonatal ICU

The NICU at The Farah Hospital serves to ensure that parents, obstetricians and paediatricians/neonatologists feel comfortable and their minds at ease to know that whatever complication might arise, their baby is in safe hands and in a safe environment. It is without a doubt one of the pillars of The Farah Hospital.

The unit is equipped with state of the art machines and is run by experienced, friendly and empathic doctors and nurses. The policy at The Farah Hospital is to have one nurse looking after one baby (1:1 ratio). In some instances, babies spend as much as 12 weeks in the unit, sometimes more. This policy ensures better medical care and ensures that the nurse has more continuity and harmony with her baby and parents rather than being seen by a different nurse each time. One of the most difficult times that our nurses and doctors have to endure is discharging the baby from the unit!

In cases where surgical intervention is indicated, The Farah Hospital provides specialized and experienced staff to take care of the baby. Indeed babies as old as 24 hours and as small as 645 grams (born at 28wks gestation) have been operated on with fantastic results.