In Vitro Maturation (IVM) involves collecting the eggs from the ovaries at an early stage of development when the eggs are around 10 mm in diameter. Once collected, the eggs are matured in a special medium in the lab until they reach 18-20mm when they are ready for injecting with sperm (IVF). After the eggs have been injected/incubated with sperm, the formed embryo(s) are transferred back to the uterus.

By doing so, IVM brilliantly bypasses the stage where the wife has to be injected by hormonal injections on a daily basis. So in essence, it is less costly and requires less interventions such as hormonal injections. The Farah Hospital was among the first to introduce this technology and was the first to achieve a pregnancy and a live birth in Jordan.

However compared to traditional IVF/ICSI, IVM carries less chances of success and thus is not offered as a routine option to its patient population. Having said that, The Farah Hospital team is constantly and dynamically involved in trials and research projects with international centres aiming at improving the success rates so that one day it would hopefully be available as a first line treatment option for certain patient populations.