Home Monitoring

Technological advancements have tremendously transformed the way healthcare delivery is being instituted to patients. This is also true to obstetric care. Usually in high risk pregnancies where the pregnant lady is suffering from serious medical illnesses during her pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure), diabetes, and small baby (intra uterine growth restriction) just to mention a few, the pregnant lady is seen on a more frequent basis and could end up visiting the hospital quite often.

Early in 2007, The Farah Hospital introduced to its patients a portable/take home device that would reduce the hospital visits dramatically. This machine records baby's heart beats, mother's contractions in addition to mother's blood pressure and transmits the readings to the hospital's website via satellite connections. In addition, as soon as the mother starts recording, the obstetrician can log on to the internet and check baby and mother status live as it unfolds.

This technology can also be of immense benefit when the obstetrician is out of town and needs to follow-up his patients. All he/she needs to do is just log on to the internet and all the parameters will be in front of him/her to judge. So in essence, the obstetrician could be anywhere in the world and his patient's data just a click away!

The Farah Hospital was the first to introduce this technology to Jordan and one of the first centres to utilize it internationally.