Discontinuing the Program

The program passes through many stages, each stage in preparation for the next. The policy of the Assisted Reproductive & Technology Unit is to support the patient and maintain his/her physical and psychological health, in addition to taking in consideration the couple's financial capabilities. Sometimes we find ourselves forced to discontinue the program, whether at the stage of enhancing ovulation or extracting eggs or at any other stage. These moments reflect negatively on the psychology of the couple and the team who work relentlessly to avoid such a scenario.

None withstanding, and despite the high levels reached by developed centres in this field, there remain challenges at times when the team is forced to cancel a case temporarily while learning from what had occurred and resorting to another program at a later time. It is important in this regard that the couple expect any kinds of surprises and to be mentally prepared for such developments. We would like to stress that the understanding of this fact by the couple garners more commitment and sympathy from the team.