Awards & Achievements

Dr. Zaid awarded the following awards in recognition of his contribution and achievements in the field of obstetrics, gynaecology and assisted reproduction:

  • The medal of independence from his majesty the late king Hussein of Jordan.
  • Shield for distinguished achievements from the Jordanian Medical Syndicate.
  • Shield for distinguished achievements from the Jordanian Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.
  • The shield of honour from the Pan Arab Fertility Society.
  • Shield of appreciation from Professor Robert Edwards (pioneer who introduced IVF to the world).
  • Certificate of appreciation from IFFS.
  • Certificate of appreciation from FIGO.

Dr. Zaid is happily married and is a father to three sons and one daughter. He speaks fluently Arabic, English and German and his limited spare time enjoys reading, swimming and traveling (mostly to international conferences!).

Letter from His Majesty the Late King Hussein of Jordan to Farah Hospital

In The Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
It gave me great pleasure today to inaugurate The Farah Hospital; a specialized centre representing a qualitative improvement in a modern field of medicine. The hospital is spearheaded by the sincere efforts of a group of specialists who diligently assimilated accumulated knowledge of the latest medical achievements in this field over the past few years.

It is heartwarming to note this Jordanian achievement that, thanks to the founders, contributes to an essential transfer of knowledge into our beloved country. They have sought to open a gateway for hopeful fathers and mothers who had previously found hurdles in the face of their dreams of conceiving children, who will enrich this dear country, and be surrounded by a bounty of love, peace and contentment.

I take great pride in this genuine endeavor and hope it continues to lead as a distinguished centre serving the people of Jordan and our visitors, as well as standing as a milestone of Jordan's achievements in modern science and technology.

I pray God will grant my fellowmen, doctors, nurses, administrative employees and founders of this institution success to carry out their kind and noble efforts. I salute you with peace and God's mercy and blessings.

9th Nov.1994

Letter from His Majesty the Late King Hussein of Jordan to Dr. Zaid Kilani

I, Hussein Bin Talal, King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan In gratitude to his Excellency Dr. Zaid Mohammad Kilani's virtues and benevolent nature, and in appreciation to his faithfulness and devotion to the Hashemite family and to our beloved Country, confer to him an Independence Medal of the first order, and decree the issuance of this document by the Royal Hashemite Court, in reference thereof.
God shall remunerate the well-doer